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After processing a tree removal, what is left is a stump. Many tree service companies incorporate stump removal into their tree removal pricing, while others keep it as separate services. When tree surgeons mention the extra cost of removing the stump and extracting roots, some customers may refuse and think it’s unnecessary. That decision could actually become more costly than expected. Many people don’t realize that, although the tree is removed, and no longer living, the stump still is. The stump contains roots that sap the nutrients of other plants. If you are realizing that the grass is sparse around the stump, and none of the surrounding plants are growing, you can account for the stump. It is actually harder to remove newly established roots, once it has settled. Call us for a stump removal service in Springfield IL.

Stump Grinding Springfield IL

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    Stump Grinding Springfield IL

    For those who are looking to put their house on the market, removing the stump in the front yard is a smart way to increase property value. Stumps are seen as unattractive to many people, especially in the marketing and business sectors. Extracting the stump can allow more options to landscape plans: building a garden, gazebo, jacuzzi, or even a playground. It could actually be a liability to have a block of weed on the ground, especially to non-family members. 

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    It is expected that children with an active imagination would run around the lawn. It is unexpected to have them trip over the stump. If a neighborhood or non-family member were to trip over your stump, they could potentially sue you. With the attempt to let the stump rot on its own and decompose over the years, it could become the perfect habitat for insects such as termites. Between the gaps, and hollows in the stump, there could be hundreds or even thousands of living and breeding critters hidden. It is disastrous to harbor insects just a couple of feet away from the garden, and even worse, the house! Stumps are comparable to open wounds. With a flesh cut, there could be a wood-decaying microorganism making their way into the stump.  Stumps can even harbor diseases and spread to other plants and trees. 

    Stump Removal VS Stump Grinding

    As a Springfield IL tree service company, we offer stump removal and stump grinding. However, each method has its own pros and cons that our clients should consider before making the decision. 

    Stump removal is automatically associated with the traditional pulling of the stump and root. This method is actually more expensive than stump grinding because it is more labor-intensive. It requires more elbow grease than necessary as we have to remove the stump from the roots. Many don’t realize that stump roots go deeper than we think. Root extraction results in a giant hole that needs to be filled. It requires lots of time and effort to remove the stump as it is to cover the hole. This is why the cost of manual stump removal is twice more costly. 

    Stump grinding is our preferred method as it is the most time and labor efficient. The process of stump grinding includes the use of a power-grinding machine. Our team will grind the stump from the surface and surround it to also grind the roots. This process produces wood chips, which can be used to fill in the holes. With the use of the machine, the overall process is more affordable and also eco-friendly. 

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    Professional Stump Removal Springfield IL

    There are many DIY stump removal methods out on the media. Although it seems like a cheap option, it can actually do more harm than good. One of the methods is setting the stump on fire and digging the ash is such an environmentally harmful way to remove it. As Springfield IL arborists, we care about the safety of those in the community, as well as the wildlife. This is why we encourage having your stump removed professionally by a Springfield stump removal company such as ours! Throughout the process, we will run through detailed precaution guidelines to protect the surroundings. After removing the stump, we will clear out the debris and leave your landscape spotless! Having professionals remove your stump will not only reduce your stress and concerns, but it will also save future costly damages. Our tree surgeons are trained to give you the results that you want.

    If you are in need of stump removal and grinding service in Springfield IL, please call us at 217-394-9119, or fill out the customer form. We also serve in other Illinois cities: Decatur, Jacksonville, Taylorville, Lincoln, Mason City, and more.