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When moving into a new home, it could be bothersome to know that your gorgeous home is covered by a bunch of trees. They are supposed to be framing your house rather than being viewed as the main star of the show. Not only the tree is blocking the view of your home, but it is also shading your lawn, affecting the growth of the grass and nearby plants. That could be a problem as it can ruin your landscape. Now, not only does your land have a lack of growth and green grass, but it is also filled with crowding trees. If you’re a nature lover, that’s 100% okay! However, for those that are looking for Springfield IL tree removal to give your plants more sunlight and open view from and of your home, you’re coming to the right place. 

Many of our clients call us for plans for renovations. Some were hoping to remove their trees to increase their property value when selling the house. While others just wanted to show off their house and landscape to their neighbors. There are many other reasons why people may need tree removal. As we all know, trees are alive and grow as we do. Therefore, we should consider that its roots also grow, which can destroy nearby concrete or landscape ground. Frankly, an exposed root is unsightly! Of course you can try attempting to extract part of the roots, but it can always grow back. 

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    It is known that trees can grow tall and strong for hundreds of decades, however, not all trees can do so. Some could be lucky and decay due to lack of tree maintenance, strong storm impacts, or insect infestation. Rotting trees are perfect homes for critters and mold. No homeowner wants to deal with a crowd of termites living just 10 feet from their home! 

    Some signs of a decaying tree are discolored branches, wood, leaves, and flowers, peeling bark, dead branches attaching to the stem, and even more.  

    A leaning tree is also a sign of decay as the root or trunk is too weak to hold up the entire stem upwards. With just a strong storm, it could blow the tree down, collapsing on top of nearby properties: homes, cars, shed, and etc. Trees don’t dictate where they grow and make themselves at home. Unfortunately, some can grow in sensitive places such as near the powerlines or your own home! Large trees can become hazardous when a violent storm hits. The branches can tear off and crash onto your house, or even cause a neighborhood blackout by pulling the power lines down. Removing trees is a great way to reduce the impact of storm damage. Call a for tree service in Springfield IL for assistance.

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    You should consider professional tree removers rather than doing it yourself because it is extremely dangerous, especially if you are dealing with a old big tree! It is considered a huge liability when knocking down hundreds of pounds of wood. Hiring professional tree experts also prevents unnecessary costs of future damages. Lastly, as arborists, we are trained to knock down even the toughest trees, while cleaning up the place spotless. This can help you process your landscape plans as soon as possible. 

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    This discomforting thought of awful storm impacts and disastrous accidents is an understandable reason for removing the tree. As a tree service company, we understand the need for comfort and stability, especially at one’s home. Which is why we are perfect for the tree removal job! Our establishment is located in the city of Springfield, therefore, we are familiar with the environment, weather conditions, and tree types in the community. 

    Tree Service Springfield IL

    With every tree removal, we make sure to assess the tree and pinpoint the weak spots as a precaution. Then we cut the tree piece by piece starting from the top. This is the best method for removing trees as it protects our team, as well as the surroundings. We think that the most unprofessional way to remove a tree is by hitting the trunk with an ax and having the tree tip over. You can assure that this entire tree removal process will run smoothly as our team has liability and compensation insurance. We are state board certified Springfield arborists and properly train to handle all circumstances. 

    If you are in need of tree removal service in Springfield IL, please call us at 217-394-9119, or fill out the customer form. We also serve in other Illinois cities: Decatur, Jacksonville, Taylorville, Lincoln, Mason City, and more.