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Large trees can be seen as majestic as its branches help provide shade during a hot summer and homes for the small animals and bugs. However, its branches can actually be harmful to the grass and nearby plants as it blocks sunlight. Taking sunlight away from plants can cause it to grow weak or die. Therefore, if you notice that there are sparse areas around the base of the tree or discolored grass, it could be due to lack of sunlight exposure. As Springfield IL arborists, we are tree lovers, but we are also concerned about the overall health of other plants. Trimming big trees can be positively beneficial as it gives the plants underneath the canopy more sunlight. Call for professional tree trimming in Springfield IL for assistance.

Tree Trimming Springfield Illinois

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    It is expected that storms can come and go to Springfield, Illinois. Whether it’s a rainstorm, thunderstorm, hailstorm, or even snowstorm. With dangerous weather conditions, comes storm damage. One of the most common storm damage is related to large trees. In windy weather, trees with large branches can tear off the stem and fly crashing onto properties. During snowstorms, snow can stack on top of branches and cause it to break and fall, becoming a liability for others. What people don’t realize is that dangerous weather could force the branches to tear off the stem, leaving exposed wood flesh. This can result in decaying due to the invitation of wood-eating organisms. The best way to reduce the severity impact of storm damage is through proper tree care: tree trimming. Cutting the branches at the right lengths would tremendously reduce the damages of bad weather. 

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    Tree Pruning Springfield Illinois

    Maintaining the health of your trees can be done through trimming and pruning. Pruning is the process of clipping the branches in specific places to promote growth. This practice is done by trimming in the least amount, as overdoing it could cause the tree to become frail. Pruning is done in the winter as the trees are less susceptible to getting diseases and decaying. Trimming the trees is important to maintain a put-together appearance. Trees around help frame the properties, therefore it is important to care for it at least once a month. 

    Trimming and pruning can be done at home without a professional, however, without proper research and equipment, your tree’s health can weaken. Leaving your trees to qualified arboriculturists would also make sure that your trees flourish all year round! Our tree trimmers are trained to precisely clip only a quarter of the branches to preserve the tree’s health while giving it an improved shape. 

    Please reach out about our tree trimming service for details on our methods. 

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    Our team is the best tree trimmers in Springfield IL! We have the proper equipment and resources to give you the best results. We believe that all tree service companies should take responsibility for protecting their reputation, crew, and their clients by having the proper licensing and insurance. Our company prides itself on our strict safety policies and professionalism. As a Springfield tree service company, we are proud to say that we have liability and compensation insurance. Our state board certified skilled arborists have gone through extensive training for different types of trees of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will do our jobs in the safest and efficient way possible.

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    Having the license doesn’t automatically lead to the qualification of tree care. However, we believe that years of hands-on experience and a long history reputation do. For example, just because a barber has the license to cut hair, it doesn’t mean that they’re good at cutting hair. Through years of tree service experience in the Springfield IL community, we have a great reputation through word-by-mouth referrals. Our establishment is known to be passionate about tree care. We are aggressive with cutting large trees when we need to. However, we are also precise and gentle with the smaller trees.

    If you are in need of tree trimming and pruning service in Springfield IL, please call us at 217-394-9119, or fill out the customer form. We also serve in other Illinois cities: Decatur, Jacksonville, Taylorville, Lincoln, Mason City, and more.