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    Tree Service Springfield IL

    If you are in need of tree service in Springfield Illinois, we are the best company for you! Our certified arborists have served the community for years! We’ve got a great reputation for customer service and offering value. Whether you’re in need of tree removal, tree trimming or stump grinding, we got you covered! We are flexible to travel to other cities in Illinois: Decatur, Jacksonville, Taylorville, Lincoln, Mason City, and beyond! 

    Tree Service Springfield Illinois

    Why Trust Our Professional Arborists?

    As a Springfield tree service establishment, we are fully equipped with all the necessary tools to give you flawlessly trimmed trees and grinded stumps. Along with our licenses, we have had years of experience in tree service in Springfield. With that, we are familiar with all types of trees that originated in Illinois. Therefore, no matter the size or height of your tree, we can certainly give you the results that you want. We emphasize the importance of getting professional tree service providers because it can save money in the long run. Imagine attempting to remove large tree branches but making flesh cuts, resulting in the trees being exposed to wood-decaying properties. Our team is knowledgeable on how to remove trees, trim, removal stumps in the most efficient way possible. Of course, there are many DIY tricks to remove stumps and trim giant branches, but it could lead to even more extensive damages that can be expensive to repair. Finally, we know how to keep trees healthy and know how to make them presentable for all occasions. As professional tree surgeons, it is our responsibility to preserve the sacred trees and give our clients comfort through structural stability assistance.

    We Are A Licensed, Insured, and Experience Tree Service Company

    As a tree service company in Springfield, we are proud to say that we are state board licensed and insured with liability and compensation insurance. Tree work is one of the most dangerous in the labor industry. We care about protecting our clients as we protect our reputation and our team. Also, as experienced as we are, we know the best route to the tree service process. We’ve had our fair share of dealing with the toughest tree removal, trimming, stump removal, and beyond! With that we have a great reputation for our phenomenal results and comfortable pricing. As a Springfield tree company, we believe that our customers should receive the highest quality services without having to break the bank.

    Tree Removal Springfield IL

    Tree Removal Springfield Illinois

    Depending on the type, trees are amazing beings that can grow for even the past 500 years. As incredible as they are at producing fruits, flowers, and being home to countless animals and critters, they can be hazardous. They sometimes could grow in sensitive places such as near power lines and close to homes. As a Springfield Illinois tree removal company, we are here to provide you many options to relieve your conscience. An option to fix this problem is to trim them on a monthly basis. It could be drastic to remove the tree entirely, however, as much as we are passionate about preserving these wonderful trees, we also care about your safety. Removing the tree entirely to prevent any disastrous situations: the tree collapsing onto the house, onto your neighbor’s. However, we recommend removing the tree if it shows to be clearly hazardous, such as seeing signs of decay. Some decaying trees could tilt, and with just a strong storm, it could blow the tree down, collapsing on top of nearby properties. We recommend calling a tree expert to assess the condition of the tree. If you’re interested in tree removal service in Springfield IL, give us a call. We can walk you through the steps of tree removal and other options to resolve your problem. 

    Tree Trimming Springfield IL

    Trimming and pruning play a tremendous role in tree maintenance. Small and medium trees can benefit from pruning as it promotes the overall health of it. It is also requested to have the branch trimmed as it gives a well-defined appearance, framing the overall landscape. Some of our clients call for tree trimming for their large trees as a precautionary measure for storms, and to bring in some light for the surrounding plants. In dangerous weather, the wind could cause the branches to fall, causing injury to someone. Trimming large trees would allow sunlight to shine through onto its roots, and giving more exposure to the plants underneath the canopy. Lack of sunlight can impact the health of the trees and plants surrounding it under the branches and leaves. Call our company as we are the best tree trimmers in Springfield IL. We provide a range of tree trimming services. 

    tree pruning springfield il

    Cabling and Bracing Springfield IL

    Just like getting a brace to adjust a curved spine or getting braces to straighten the teeth, the cabling and bracing system help straighten up the tree. Some trees can tilt due to the weak condition of the lower half of the stem, such as the roots or trunk. Those who want to preserve the natural environment and condition of the tree would prefer cabling and bracing. The system adds structural stabilization to trees. Our Springfield tree service team would help straighten the tree and relieve the pressure by connecting the cable to nearby trees with the system. Then, we would use it to pull the trees in the opposite tilting direction. The metal cable is also used in the upper canopy of the tree to prevent the extensive movements of the branches. Which reduces the chances of the branches to break off and harming others.

    Stump Removal Springfield IL

    It could be frustrating to mow the lawn and maneuver around the stump to avoid getting your lawn mower damaged. It is even more frustrating having to hesitate on your landscaping plans just because you have a stump. The worst circumstance to take into consideration is that stumps can grow through the roots, sapping the nutrients of other plants, and also continuously grow the roots into your landscape. Worry no further because our experienced stump removers are here to offer assistance. Removing stumps could be time-consuming, or even dangerous when the task is carried out improperly. Our team prefers the stump grinding method as it is the most efficient, least labor-intensive and costly method compared to the traditional stump removal methods. We are experienced in using power grinders. With every job, we go through detailed safety guidelines to ensure the safety of our surroundings. If you are interested in stump removal in Springfield IL, feel free to call us for a tree service quote. 

    Emergency Tree Service Springfield IL

    emergency tree service Springfield IL

    Storms are inevitable, but adding safety precautions and storm preparations are not! Our team can help inspect the trees and your property, providing you options to how you can reduce the impact of an awful storm. Our best storm damage preparation is proper tree maintenance. Violent weather can cause your branches to rip out of the stem and crash onto properties. This is why we also urge our clients to consider monthly tree trimming and pruning to reduce the collision. Windy conditions could also push your weak tilting trees to collapse! That is why we also recommend the cabling and bracing system to tie multiple trees together, reducing the chances of it collapsing. If you are in need of 24-hour emergency services during and after a storm, do not hesitate to call us for help as we are always prepared to tackle any circumstances at any time. Our tree service pros should carry liability and compensation insurance. 

    Commercial Tree Service Springfield IL

    You should consider our professional tree experts for commercial purposes because we are experienced in giving desired results in a diligent and timely manner. In the business world, time is money, and efficiency is the key! When making plans for renovations, having a team of trustworthy and knowledgeable arborists is crucial to having a successful project. Residential and commercial tree services such as tree removal and stump removal are different due to the different place of setting. Commercial locations tend to locate in busier streets and pedestrian areas. There are more liabilities in the professional setting. Of course, at Springfield Tree Service, we understand that. Our team of tree experts is trained to work productively and cooperatively. We have the most reliable arborists in Springfield IL and we are confident in our ability to present flawless finishes at your commercial property.

    Hear What Our Clients Have To Say!

    I realized I had a diseased tree growing in my backyard so I called them. We booked an appointment right away. They started at noon and finished with their job by sunset. I recommend. 

    Jamie B

    I had a tree removed about 3 years ago and never bothered to get the stump removed. Big mistake!!! I noticed that the stump was rotting and mushrooms were growing! UGH! So I called to have it removed. They were amazing! Practically left the place stumpless and spotless! I would recommend them for any tree service job!

    Tory J

    My wife and I moved into a new home with a stump. We didn’t think anything of it when we did. However, we noticed that all of the flowers my wife planted near the stump wouldn’t grow. So we called to have the stump removed. Best decision honesly. 

    Shiv L

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